Volker Kühn

1948 born in Neuenkirchen (GER). Works and lives in Lilienthal/Bremen.

Invented the „Art in Boxes“ (since 1986). Volker Kühn’s object art presents the tradition of boxed and framed in-the-round representation while drawing on the surrealist inventory of surprising juxtapositions. The act of recognition, the solving of the mystery, manifests itself in liberating laughter, or at least a complicit smile.

Hand made object art, mixed media.
Commissions possible.

Represented by Foxx Gallery since 1998.
Openings at Foxx Gallery take place on a regular basis attended by the artist.

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„Hommage a Claes Oldenburg“, art in box, 76 x 68 cm

„Hommage a Claes Oldenburg“, art in box, 76 x 68 cm