1932 born in Olafsvik (IL). Works and lives in Paris.

Erró became a main representative of the narrative figuration, the counterpart to Pop Art in Europe. Errós striking, figurative art – may it be painting or graphic art – uses elements of the pop culture from comic to cookbook . When it comes to style the colourful narrative art collages with comic elements became characteristic for Erró. The first „femmes fatales“ were published in 1993.

Since 2001 a department of the Reykjavik Art Museum is dedicated to the artist and Erró proved himself in the past with countless solo exhibitions in galleries and museums.

Represented by Foxx Galerie since 2017

Le femme au toucan, original aqua engraving, 85 x 78 cm, handcoloured, signed

A Moi, original aqua engraving, 76 x 56 cm, handcoloured, signed




Volutes, original aqua engraving, 76 x 53 cm, hand coloured, signed